DAU University Flexible Education Program

One of the more flexible University programs that is available for those enlisted US Army Servicemembers is the DAU Flexible Education Program. The Defense Acquisition University is a flexible study program that works to match educational objectives to Army personnel. Many Service personnel find that after starting a DAU flexible education program in the Army that transitioning to full time college coursework is a lot easier as they began the process while still on active duty. The Army Flexible Education Program is a partnership between sponsoring educational institutions and the Servicemembers in a large number of vocational, technical and educational programs. The programs are offered in graduate, undergraduate and professional degrees. Much of the Army Flexible Education program consists of DAU and other type clearinghouse programs, that help match the Servicemember to his college or degree career path. The Army supports the Defense Acquisition program to help Army personnel garner full credit for their duty experiences, as well as assisting Army personnel to match up their Army Experiences with undergraduate credit. There are programs in correspondence, in person training and distance learning opportunities. In addition the program partners a number of institutions including the Maryland University College and the University of Maryland, as well as a number of locations and other facilities. These are almost exclusively located around Washington D.C. and the greater metropolitan area. The Army Flexible Education is one program in education that gives a Servicemember practical assistance in starting an educational program, and it serves as an entry point for many different Servicemembers to begin their educational program. The Army works to match Army Servicemembers with educational programs using a partnership and strategic agreement. Are you interested in an exciting career in the Military? See if you qualify. Click Here Now! It establishes a basic agreement between the principals involved and gives them the ability to work to earn graduate and undergraduate degrees and earn educational credits at sponsoring institutions. With the advent of distance learning many Army prior servicemembers use the DAU program to map out their educational program and then transfer into full time college attendance when their enlistment is up.




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