Amarah Irrigation Improved By Coalition

Iraqis Work To Support Soldier Effort One of the recent efforts by the Iraqi Construction and coalition forces working jointly has been the Amarah irrigation effort. It has been a series of irrigation canals and a large water pump that has been installed on the outskirts of Amarah, in the province of Maysan. It is a great improvement, one that will assist farmers and local citizens. “We will work to continue to support the coalition and the Iraqi Government especially in constructing new things for to make our lives better,” said Sheik Haj Hatim Sadkkan. Shiek Sadkkan is a local city leader and leader of the citizens in the region. The new irrigation structure will give about 20 local farmers the ability to farm over 400 additional hectares of land each year. The irrigation project will be completed on September 29th and will result in a improved irrigation system and sub system, and more crops will be able to be grown. The project will also serve as an objective example for other projects and irrigation issues in the region, where other farmers are also clamoring for more water so they can expand their fields and crops. The project was sponsored by the US Army Corps of engineers, and much of these types of projects work well to rebuild and establish friendships and working relationships. Find the Military Career right for YOU ! Click here for more Information. Members of the 2nd battalion, 7th cavalry regiment also participated in the project.




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