US Navy Cryptologist And Analyst Careers

In the days since September 11th, 2001 the need to have accurate, timely intelligence has risen. Despite all of the different equipment, the United States Navy considers its people and personnel as its most valuable asset. Sailors and military personnel that have different language skills and abilities are highly valued and sought after. If you know Hebrew, Spanish, Korean, French, Arabic, Russian, or other foreign languages then you may be uniquely qualified to serve or function in this job field. The specialists that serve in this job classification are trained to be experts in the interpretation, but also in the analysis of data that comes in, both of a classified and unclassified nature. Serving as a Crypto Technician or Language Technician is a position that requires a person to work with different types of data and information, much of which may be in a different language or foreign language. Serving in this field you may at times cross train as a member of an aviation Aircrew, or Submarine crew, and you may be tasked to work closely with other members of the Navy or other military sister services. You must have a clean record, and never have committed a crime, either a felony or a misdemeanor. The United States Navy has a wide variety of different jobs and military specialities, but none are as versatile as the Navy Cryptologist and Language Specialist. The Navy has at its command quite a number of submarines, aircraft, destroyers, cruisers, aircraft, Aircraft Carriers and other surface vessels and shore based commands. There are often requirements for a skilled trained interpreter or cryptologist and the Navy often provides personnel on detachment to other military services and federal agencies. You may have a shore side duty station, or you may have a duty station aboard ship, dealing with communications traffic and radio data. This may be dealing with information and data of US military importance, or interpretation and handling of data from a foreign nation or foreign power. If you work in this field, you may be called to be an official interpreter for a Navy or Military official, or to interpret for a member of a United States diplomatic or state department dignitary.




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Do you have to know a foreign language or will they be willing to teach you a foreign language?

military dot image Barry Leslie    Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

The Navy will send you to a linguist school that may teach you to read a foreign language or just to read numbers in that language….you will be trained in what the service needs. You may be taught the language to read and speak the language but this is not the norm.

Whatever you choose the training is intense and what might normally take 2-3 years to learn you will have to learn the language in a much shorter time…a B or C school normally is 11 weeks in duration….it is tuff but rewarding…

military dot image Lynn    Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

Do you have to enlist before being tested for this position or are you tested first, if this is what field you hope to enter? Also, what physical requirements, other than passing basic training is required for this position?

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