Arrivals Continue Of New MRAP Vehicles

Over Eleven Hundred Delivered To Iraq So Far Arlington, VA Pentagon Spokesman Geoff Morell reported Wednesday that the Defense Department is on course and on time with its most recent delivery of Mine Resistant Ambush Vehicles to the Coalition Forces in Iraq. So far, 1117 MRAP vehicles have reached the U.S. Central Command Theater Iraq in the period ending December 13th. Following an intensive review and study the Pentagon began to order and ship the MRAP vehicles as a direct strategy to combat troop losses and injuries resulting from the IED and roadside explosive devices being encountered in Iraq. The Humvee has been a workhorse vehicle, but it lacks proper shielding and in explosive situations it can actually cause more injuries by shaping the blast rather than protecting the occupants. MRAP vehicles have special shaped hulls, which deflect blasts and force the blast away from the interior.  They provide more protection than is afforded by up-armored Humvee. It is hoped to have 1,500 vehicles delivered to Iraq by the first of January.  Shipping methods have recently been updated to include first by ship to Kuwait.  Then they are airlifted to various locations in Iraq and elsewhere. Spokesman Morrell did not say Wednesday how many would actually be delivered but that the goal is to ship as many MRAP vehicles into the fight as soon at it can be done. This is almost double the amount reported in November; as of November 14 about seven hundred fifty MRAPS had been successfully delivered.




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