Army Enlisted Financial Specialist

Any large institution works to maintain its financial balance, and in the Army the personnel that deal with financial issues is the Enlisted financial Specialist. As a sort of huge business, the United States Army has an ongoing need for people to pay its bills, and managers to function in different ways to manage its people and financial matters. The United States Army is at its core a very large, very specialized business. The United States Army Financial Management specialist is the key person that works to make sure all of the US Army financial issues are taken care of. It has a product, the defense and protection of the United States, and the defense of the US Constitution, and it has thousands of employees, the enlisted men and women that make up the enlisted and commissioned ranks of the Army. As an enlisted United States Army Financial Management Specialist, you will work in a variety of different environments. You will be responsible for military payroll, computing allowances and allotments, recording different details of Army business and financial transactions, and sharing information on past expenses and expenditures. The US Army has a command structure based on Rank, but when it comes to managing materials, and finances the people that work to do these responsibilities are not too terribly different from the people that manage such issues in the private Sector. The job of Army Financial Management and Financial Budget specialist is one that requires high levels of accuracy, and it is a job that has a lot of responsibility. As a financial management specialist for the Army you will start with basic combat training, where you will learn to be an enlisted Army Servicemember. After 9 weeks of basic training you will progress to additional training for 7 weeks, where you will receive individual advanced training over a variety of topics. If you are a person who can remain calm in stressful situations, or if you have experience in dealing with financial budgets or financial issues, then this may be just the job for you. The duties of an Army Financial Specialist include; auditing financial records, preparing payroll for Army Servicemembers and military personnel, auditing different material invoices and accounting records, disbursing financial funds including cash, checks and advance pay, and overall supervision of different financial Army issues. Do You Have Prior Service? Get Cash Bonuses For Your Past Military Service. Click here for more information. You will be trained on how to prepare reports and budgets, and how to account for different types of spending, expenditures and budgets. Training will be provided for you on how to work on financial systems, as well as how to operate computer and electronic accounting systems. You will learn how to work with budgets and numbers, and how to use electronic devices to compute and determine financial budgets.




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i am not getting paid
i been to my unit for 2 months now
who am i suppose to call

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