US Air Force Continuing Education

There is a lot of competition in the military for educational options, and one of the options is the Air Force Community College. The CC of the Air Force was designed for the enlisted member serving in the Air Force and can play an important part in an Air Force Airman’s development and career professional growth. The Air Forces Seeks enlisted and non commissioned officers that are educated, well trained and able to succeed in a variety of missions and tasks given to them. As enlisted members in the Air Force they are able to access professional growth and personal gains by taking college programs that benefit the nation, the individual as well as the Air Force. Most formalized training in the Air Force is worth college credit of some sort. There is even credit for basic training, skill level training, and various technical training. The Community College of the AF is federally chartered and part of the Department of Defense, they are the only such organizations in the DoD that can grant Associate of Applied Science two year degrees to enlisted members of the Air Force. The Air Force needs educated, well-trained and professional non commissioned officers. The Community College of the Air Force is designed to help the professional growth and personal achievements learning in programs beneficial to the nation, and to the air force. The community college of the Air force was the brainchild of Lieutenant General George B Similar in the 1970’s. He envisioned a series of courses designed to improve personnel as leaders, technicians, and as citizens. The overall program is supposed to help make all Air Force personnel aware of Space and Air Force power, employment concepts, service doctrine, and contributions of the Air Force to joint operations around the world. General Similar brought together leaders from the NCO commands, Air Force Academy, Air University, and the Air Training Commands and began to hold a series of meetings in 1971. Find the Military Career right for YOU ! Click here for more Information. They decided to found the Air Force Community College, which was later approved on up the chain of command. The Air Force Chief of Staff started a professional program in reading for Air Force Development in 1997. This program has two goals, one to assist those personnel with lessened reading ability to grow and learn to read well, and the second is to increase the professionalism of the Air Force.




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