US Air Force Dietitian Career All About Nutrition

Nutrition is one of the most important issues in maintaining your health. The US Air Force will give you an opportunity to work closely with personnel from every area of the US Air Force. US Air Force personnel require a variety of diet requirements due to nutrition, religious, and medical reasons. As a new Air Force enlisted person you will attend basic training for nine weeks, and learn how to be a successful enlisted Air Force member. After basic training you will attend technical school either at Sheppard Air Force Base, or Lackland Air Force Base, both located in Texas.

What You’ll Learn.

You will learn from the best how to plan and support menu choices for enlisted personnel to support their dietary and medical needs. If you have previous history in nutrition, and diet planning, if you have experience with food planning or if you enjoy working with people in a productive and supportive manner, then working as an Air Force Diet Therapy Apprentice may be the job field for you.

You will work in one of the fastest growing specialties in the Air Force helping personnel to reach their diet and nutritional goals, while maintaining military readiness and keeping personnel health and welfare. You will help Air Force personnel who are required for their mission or for their careers to lose weight, or who are in less than ideal health to recover and use food and nutrition to assist these personnel. Some personnel have specific diet needs that if not met would lead to ill health, and the prevention of meeting the Air Force mission. Your working environment will be a hospital, food preparation facility, or other food service area. In some cases you may work out of a mobile headquarters serving personnel in the field. As with all jobs the position of diet therapy apprentice is constantly changing. Serving as a member of a dietary planning team allows you to support the medical and food choice needs of military personnel, who otherwise would not be able to perform their jobs.

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As a Diet Therapy Apprentice you will receive a variety of intense training that will allow you to serve and support Air Force Clients in their dietary needs. You will receive training in patient diet needs, modified food diet recipes, specialized technical food training and nutrition and menu preparation.




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I am about to become a registered dietitan (2 months away from completing my dietetic internship program-11 months total). I have a 4 year degree and was wondering about this Enlisted Air Force Dietitian Apprentice, what is the difference b/t this and becoming a registered dietitian? Please help me in my quest to find out what information I am lacking. Also, I served 4 years in the USAF (honorably). Thanks, Kevin T.

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Is there any way I can find out more information on Dietitians in the AIr Force?

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