Aviation Aerial Combat Gunner Careers

Working in the US Military as an aerial aviation combat gunner is a career that will take you right into battle conditions. The Combat Aerial Gunner in a position that will operate a variety of different weapons, and uses different munitions in combat situations. It is an exciting career field in the United States Air Force. You will learn how to use electronic devices, including Night Vision devices, and learn how to interpret flight manuals to locate and scan different areas. You will perform flight operations vital to the combat missions of the Air Force, and perform different aspects of your duties and job requirements, including mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, and other physical issues. You will have other duties including; using small and large caliber ammunition, performing in flight maintenance and airborne associated equipment, and learning how to apply your training and how to take quick action in a number of different emergencies. To become an Air Force Aerial Gunner Apprentice you have to have completed different types of training. You will attend Air Force Boot camp, and learn about the basics of enlisted Air Force performance. You have to have a high school diploma, and a minimum ASVAB score to qualify for the Air Force Aerial gunner enlisted course. You will perform under stressful conditions against the enemy, and fire weapons in combat and battle conditions on direction. You will perform a variety of duties including pre-flight and post-flight weapons inspection, in flight maintenance of weapons and airborne systems, and insure the availability and maximum utilization of weapons and weapons systems. As an Air Force Combat Aerial gunner you will work to operate aircraft systems, auxiliary systems, and rescue based equipment to perform the safe deployment of Air Force missions. You will advance to additional training to learn about becoming an aerial gunner. You will attend Basic Air Force Aerial Gunner Course training, and receive specialized weapons and advanced training. After completing this course you will advance and be assigned to a field assignment duty station. You will learn about charts, schematics, technical publications, and different flight related materials. You will learn how to perform on drill missions, life fire and training situations, and how to operate on combat mission on a number of different flight conditions. Any math or science coursework is helpful, as is coursework in mechanical, hydraulic or industrial fields. Do You Have Prior Service? Get Cash Bonuses For Your Past Military Service. Click here for more information. You will be trained to operate a variety of different systems, and fly on aircraft as an aircrew member. You will work to briefing passengers on your aircraft on safety or other procedures.




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