Find Your Eligibility For Medical Benefits

The VA provides a comprehensive package of medical benefits for veterans returning from service.  Potentially all Veterans are eligible for service, and can be investigated further through the VA Medical Benefits Package through the VA.  The enhanced standard health care system that is available for all veterans’ enrolled focuses on primary and preventive care.  This plan has both impatient and outpatient services available.  Using an annual enrollment approach, the VA system manages and provides for outpatient and hospital care and treatment for veterans. The Veterans Administration uses a priority system to make sure that those that are below certain low income guidelines and those with a service related or connected disability are provided care first, with other priorities that follow after that.  The benefits for health care within the VA system are transferable through the entire VA system.  Veterans who travel can go to any VA treatment facility and not have to re-apply if they are away from their primary care treatment facility. If you have served on Active Duty in any of the Five Services, or the Merchant Marines during World War II, and if you were discharged under honorable conditions, then you are eligible for some or complete VA services.  If you have been a Reservist or National Guardsman and you served on Active Duty, depending on your length of service and other factors you may have eligibility for medical, nursing home or hospital care for up to two years following your discharge. The eligibility for health care can vary, and it is not just for those people who have served in Combat, and it’s not just for service connected injuries, disabilities or medical conditions.  And VA health care is not only for men; both men and woman veterans are eligible for VA veteran’s benefits. Much of Veterans benefits in recent years have turned to a focus on preventative medicine.  Things such as Immunizations, Preventive Health Screening, health examination programs and regular physical exams and check ups have proven to be a crucial step in making sure that Veteran health is being provided for. Other treatments offered are: Mental health care, chiropractic care, medical and surgical care, and emergency care at VA outpatient facilities. New and various types of VA Support is being offered all the time, care in substance abuse, and services in bereavement are offered at some locations.  For verification of your own eligibility, contact your local VA office or log in online and visit the VA web site at




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