Special Operation US Navy Careers

The members of the different US Military Services Special Operations branches are the personnel that work with the Special Operations Ordnance Disposal. They also perform detached duty and operations involving covert operations. As a Special Operations EOD technician, you may be called on to evaluate and dispose of ordinance in a variety of locales. The environment you will be operating in as a Navy Special Ordnance Disposal Technician can literally be anywhere around the globe. You may be asked to accompany Navy Divers and disarm or render harmless water borne mines or explosives. Or you may be called in to assist one of the other U.S. Forces to disarm or explode under controlled conditions a device on land. Some of the bravest members of the United States Armed Forces are the men involved in Special Operations. The members of the Navy Special Operations service You will be tasked to undergo different missions, many of which are covert and top secret. If you have what it takes to be a Spec. Ops Ordinance Disposal Technician then there could be many challenging and exciting opportunities available for you. Competition is intense and you have to be at the top of your game, in excellent physical and mental condition. They are specifically trained to use a variety of methods, procedures and equipment. These personnel carry out dangerous and detailed missions, involving disposal and disarming of some of the worlds most advanced weapons and explosive devices. They deal with SEAL team operations, or Sea, Air, and Land special operations personnel. In some commands Special Ops Ordinance Techs are members of SEAL Teams. You will be part of the most elite and dedicated and physically fit soldiers in the Navy. Also there is a special enlistment bonus available for the Special Operations/Warfare community candidate, up to forty thousand dollars is available if a person qualifies for this bonus. As a member of a Special Operations/Special Warfare community you will qualify for special and extra pay. Are you interested in an exciting career in the Military? See if you qualify. Click Here Now! Esprit de corps and teamwork rank very high, and dedication to the mission is job one. Explosive Ordnance Technicians are called upon to join with various units, such as Marine Expeditionary Units, Army Special Forces, and other Navy Seals to recover, identify, neutralize or exploit explosives, mines, depth charges, torpedoes, and other explosive devices.




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