Computer IT USCG Enlisted Technician

Service in the US Coast Guard as a systems Information Technician deals with many different types of radio and electronic gear. The Coast Guard IT technician deals with sea support, tactical command, communications, and control and computer systems. IT systems technicians are found throughout the Coast Guard, including Hawaii and Alaska. Working as an Information Systems technician requires that a person have an extensive knowledge of electrical and computer theory along with many hands on skills. A enlisted person will attend Boot camp at Cape May, New Jersey for nine weeks. Following Basic training the IT technician candidate will progress to Class A school, located in Petaluma, California. To qualify as an IT technician, you have to score a certain level on the ASVAB test, have an aptitude for electric and electronic theory, and have normal color vision. Practical training in computer systems and telephone equipment or repair is helpful but not required. Information systems technicians’ deal with various computer and digital systems, establishing and maintaining Coast Guard analog and voice systems, both voice mail, telephones and other types of communications. IT technicians maintain and install physical infrastructure systems and networks that tie these systems together. Coast Guard personnel who attend the Class A school for Information Technology services will study theory and practical hands on skills on Microsoft Exchange servers. Located to the north of San Francisco sixty miles the IT candidate will study different topics including theories on computer systems, cabling, network computer systems, telephone systems and other electronics systems. 25 weeks is the length of the class A school, and it has the benefit of being one of the longest in length of schooling. Serving as a USCG IT technician, you will work on how to work on fiber optic and network copper cable, installation and repair of telephone systems, and how to add, change, repair and add on to electronic key telephone systems and private telephone branch exchanges. Coast Guard IT technicians are assigned to Search and Rescue stations, Coast Guard Shore units, Coast Guard Air Stations, and cutters to install, repair and maintain the telephone, radio and computer systems equipment. Mid Career class C school is often available to those personnel who want to progress and advance in their IT work. Do You Have Prior Service? Get Cash Bonuses For Your Past Military Service. Click here for more information. They work out of small and large shops, Communications Area Master stations, as well as on all major cutters of various sizes. The larger shops are referred to as Electronics Support System units, and the ones that are smaller are often called Electronic support system detachments.




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