Electrician US Army Enlisted Specialist

Dealing with electricity and wiring is the main mission of the US Army Electrician. Serving as a member of the construction and maintenance field in the US Army, you will deal with a face paces and technical position as an enlisted US Army electrician. Working in the Army, as an Electrician on Army aircraft is an exciting and fast paced job, one that often involves travel and flexibility, you may have to perform maintenance and repair on an aircraft a considerable distance from where you are based. At other times you may be tasked to provide routine maintenance at the base or facility where you normally serve. The specialty of Army Aircraft Electrician is one that is constantly changing. With each new aircraft and type of airframe, the need for trained electronics and electric systems specialists increases. Other responsibilities that you will be involved in include; replacing faulting wiring, soldering electric connections, reading and repairing electric wiring diagrams, and inspecting and maintaining all the various electronics and electric systems on all Army aircraft. If you have a background in electronics or electrical theory this may be the job for you. Hundreds of these missions need maintenance crews and one of the main important crewmembers is the Army Aircraft electrician. As an Army Electrical Aircraft specialist you will work to inspect, supervise, and perform various electrical maintenance on electrical systems on the spectrum of Army Aircraft. Army Missions are dependant on equipment, aircraft and vehicles for patrol, flight training, transport, patrol and actual Army missions. Its up to the Army Electrician to keep all the different lights, electrical systems, instruments, landing gear, and other electrical power aircraft parts working and in top running condition. Job training for becoming an enlisted Army Electrician starts with Basic Combat Training. You will attend basic training for 9 weeks. After that you will proceed to 19 weeks of individual advanced training, where you will learn electrical theory, electric system maintenance, troubleshooting procedures and other repair techniques. Find the Military Career right for YOU ! Click here for more Information. Some of the tasks that you may be asked to perform as an Army Aircraft Electrician include: repairing electrical systems on various Army Aircraft, repairing, adjusting, testing, installing and troubleshooting electronic elements and electronic subsystems on aircraft assemblies, troubleshooting and diagnosing electrical malfunctions and problems in electronic components




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