Aviation Enlisted Structural Careers

There are a number of different enlisted structural aviation careers in the US Army. The Aviation Repair and Structural Maintenance technician is the person that is charged with the final inspection of the airframe often before flight. They inspect as an important part of the Army mission team the helicopters, aircraft, and fixed wing aircraft for service, repair, and troubleshooting of the fuselage and other body framework. The Army Structural Aviation specialist works to repair and replace fiberglass materials and includes mixing and applying different elements of fiberglass resin and materials, including stingers, beams, bulkheads and aircraft skin. It is their job to make sure that aircraft are safe, able to fly and ready to go. Their role of inspection is an important one for the Army, and they perform both routine and incident inspection of fixed wing aircraft, helicopters, and other Army mission Aircraft. You will be responsible for ailerons, flags and balancing controls for fixed wing surfaces. The repair of hydraulic, fuel, electrical and other sub systems, and replacement and disassembly of various engine and engine subsystems. There are literally different mission that require helicopters and airplanes and it’s the repair aviation structural support team job to ensure that aircraft and airframes are in tip top shape and running order You will be responsible for making both permanent and temporary emergency repairs to plastic transparent windows, airframe surfaces, doors, enclosures, and other surfaces. You will work to use different primers and paints and corrosion treatment to aircraft surfaces and control surfaces.. Some of the responsibilities that an Aviation Structural repairperson may have can involve shaping metal and forming blocks, shrinking, stretching and other metal forming techniques. If you have an aptitude in mathematics, and an interest in aircraft, and if you have any experience in mechanical work then you should consider this as a possible career field. Training as a structural Aviation Maintenance specialist begins with the basic 9 weeks of combat basic training where you will learn about serving as an enlisted member of the active Army. After basic training you will attend 14 weeks of training and learn about Aviation maintenance, airframe coverings, aluminum, steel and fiberglass, as well as a number of other procedures and methods involved in aviation structural maintenance. Find the Military Career right for YOU ! Click here for more Information. The Army has a number of different aviation aircraft that serves to perform their rapid response missions. The proper care of aircraft and aviation support is one that is very important and surprisingly in depth.




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