What You Need To Know About Becoming an Air Force Medical Technician

The Air Force maintains and trains its own medical biological and equipment repair technicians. They are the personnel that are responsible for servicing and maintenance of the different types of medical and biomedical equipment that is used for surgery and other medical procedures in the US Military. Working in the Biomedical Equipment field in the Air Force is a rewarding job choice. You have the opportunity to work among medical professionals, and by extension you are a part of the treatment team.

Where You’ll Go & What You’ll Learn!

You will attend basic training as a new Air Force Enlisted person, and learn about what the US Air Force careers are all about. Following Basic Training you will attend technical Biomedical Equipment Technology school in Texas at Sheppard AFB. You will study and learn about approx. 40 different medical equipment systems and types of devices. The Biomedical Equipment apprentice is the person directly responsible for the medical equipment at his duty station, to make sure that all the equipment is in top running order and maintained according to military specifications. With the advent of electronics and state of the art medical technology the need for trained enlisted personnel to service and maintain equipment is high. All of the different complex electronic machinery and electro mechanical equipment that is used by medical professionals will be in your purvey. You will be responsible for the upkeep and maintenance on equipment that literally is used to save lives every day. You will be taught about procedures using specific test equipment and tools, and how to perform tests and diagnostic measures. You will learn advanced and basic principals of hydraulics, electronics, pneumatics, and other sciences and specialties so that you can perform the duties of your job.

The medical care that is provided for its Servicemembers by the Air Force is some of the finest quality care found anywhere in the world. You will learn about operations and maintenance procedures on clinical equipment, steam sterilizers, anesthesia systems, physiological monitoring systems, electrocardiographs, mobile and fixed X-Ray systems, clinical Chemistry analyzers, defibrillators, and other field and facility support equipment. You will work on, test and maintain equipment in base hospitals and clinics, as well as deployment to the field to service advanced medical equipment, facilities support equipment, and field communications gear.

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The machinery and your equipment that you oversee and maintain is crucial to the mission and success of the Air Force Medical Facilities team. This type of equipment requires frequent and precise adjustment, monitoring and maintenance.




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this all sounds very interesting. My main question is ,does a degree of color blindness become a cause for disqualification?

military dot image bwaaman    Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

Yeah, it will disqualify you. I’m in the course now and it is very interesting, but far more difficult than I thought it would be. But worth it! I would check with a recruiter about the color blindness to make sure tho, but you need to be able to distinguish the color of wires, resistor color band codes, etc.

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The Medical Corps consists entirely of commissioned Air Force physicians, including holders of the Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree and the Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (DO) degree. A member of the Medical Corps can also become a Flight Surgeon. The Chief of the Medical Corps is a brigadier general.

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