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One of the responsibilities in the modern military is keeping the peace. As with the civilian world, the job of keeping the peace falls to the police, in the case of the military it’s the enlisted military police officer. With the current state of military operations Marine Corps Military policemen are some of the most active police officers in the world. The Marine Corps MP specialty are useful both during direct combat operations and also during peacetime.

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Military Police Officers attend training including Officer Basic Course where you will learn tactics, operational aspects, leadership and maintenance of troop mission objectives. Being a leader in the Marine Corps is a challenge but you will be given the training and the skills to excel at the position. The MP officers use all information and support to help the successful completion of Marine Corps and Naval operations in their various missions. Military Police Officers will rise in rank until they achieve the level of Military Police captain. As a MP Marine Captain you will be responsible for 200-300 soldiers, and be responsible for assisting with police and Military police operations at the battalion and command level. There are many different duties, but five main functions that the Marine Corps Military Police perform: They act as resettlement and interment officers in various interment operations, they maintain area security posts and security operations, they perform Police intelligence operations, they act as support for mobility operations and they maintain order and law.

The responsibilities of the Marine Corps Lieutenant can include: providing equipment, organization and doctrine for military police missions. These are the five main processes that the Marine Corps and other services Military police provide to area commanders. Working in the Military Police gives a 2nd Lieutenant seasoning and experience that can act well in dealing with other experiences down the road in their career. The command officer at the small unit level is a 2nd Lieutenant, and they run the unit in all of the basic operations outlined above. Marine Corps 2nd Lieutenants that start their career in the Military police have nearly unlimited room for advancement, and they lead from the front.

Marine Corps 2nd Lieutenants that start their career in the Military police have nearly unlimited room for advancement, and they lead from the front.

The unit officer acts as a police coordinator at all different levels, commanding and directing MP organizations and units at the unit and battalion level, and acting as a MP advisor to Marine Reserve and active duty Marine Corps commands.




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I’m a military police officer in the Australian Army. What options are open to me for a lateral transfer to the US Army? Will the USMC recognise my officer training?

military dot image Misan    Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

Hello Will, while the skills obtained as a MP in the Australian army might, indeed, be a very helpful tool in dealing with worldwide operations the USMC is involved with, any individual wanting to be a Marine must go through Officer Candidates School, United States Naval Academy, or for enlisted USMC boot camp at either Paris Island, SC or at San DIego, CA. Entrance to one of these programs is strictly based on personal history, educational history, residency status, and the needs of the Marine Corps. Talking to a USMC recruiter would probably be more helpful in detailing what career fields are currently available and whether MPs would be the right choice; although as an Officer in the USMC, career fields are highly competitive and based solely on the needs of the Marine Corps. Hope that helped

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