M1 Abrams US Army Careers

Part of the modern US Army battle force is the M1 Abrams military Tank. The job of the M1 Abrams repair and tank maintainer is to care for the tank, to maintain it and to help make sure it is able to perform its mission in top military readiness. These vary from various field artillery systems, to large ballistic missiles, to small arms. These different weapons feature electronic components with targeting systems and aiming equipment, and other systems to help locate and destroy targets. Becoming a proficient member of the tank crew means that you will be trained in many different areas, and how to deal with various equipment. Skills learned, as a M1 Abrams tank crewman will also prepare you for possible civilian work after the Army in helping design new equipment and military weapons. The tanks and equipment are often the M-1 Abrams tank, the main United States Army tank in its arsenal. Most people have observed scenes involving the M1 Abrams on television, performing tasks at war in Iraq. This information will be part of your advanced training. This job specialty is well versed for someone that certain skills, and if you are interested in this job in the Military then you should focus on some different issues; An interest in science and math, working with electronic equipment or keeping an interest or aptitude in electronics, learning to work with equipment including diesel engines, and learning to work with finely calibrated equipment or how to perform very detailed work. The Army maintains various Armor and M1 Abrams Tank crews and repair personnel to keep this equipment at top operational readiness. Part of the overall job of the M1-Abrams tank maintainer is learning and being trained on all these type of systems found on the Abrams tank. As you learn and become trained on the M1 Abrams you will maintain and operate different systems on the tank and work into becoming a vital and integral member of the tank team. The Abrams systems maintainer is a vital member of the Army team, serving to keep the M1 Tank in service and on station. The Army uses a variety of weapons and systems to deal with its ongoing missions, many of which are carried by the M1 Battle tank. Find the Military Career right for YOU ! Click here for more Information. You will learn principals, concepts, be taught about mechanical testing equipment and other electronic and mechanical devices. As you advance in your time spent in the Army, you will have the chance to train and supervise other soldiers and personnel.




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Good evening, im just came from philippines. I have my greencard. I am willing to join the army. I am 32 years of age. How can I join? I don’t have any idea where to apply. Thanks!

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