Iraqi Training Advances Transition Team

Lions Academy Yields Essential Skills The transition team assigned to the region around Baghdad continue to make progress in the efforts toward rebuilding Iraqi and helping it to heal. The Coalition military transition team has been working to set up a training program to bring Iraqi Soldiers immediately into combat prepared status. The most recent success has been in the creation of the “Lions Academy,” that works to give specific training to members of the Iraqi Army and Iraqi Security Forces. Members of the Iraqi Security forces simply do not have experience nor the opportunity to gain combat experience swiftly. The amount of conflict from a unsafe security situation simply does not exist anymore, because the security has improved so much. So, different security training programs such as “Lion Academy” have been created, to bring the members of the Iraq Army and Security Services along more readily, to give them professional and efficient training and aid them in their efforts to gain the necessary training and ability they need. Get your Free career assessment here In a way it is a kind of paradox, the security has gotten much better, which means that the ability to train members of the Iraq Security forces in a speedy manner has diminished. While this is a good thing, without the presence of training programs such as the “Lion Academy,” are vital to keep the security and safety of Iraqi on an ongoing basis.




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