Get The Most From Your BAQ Military Supported Housing Benefits

There are many different types of benefits that are available in the US Armed Forces. Some of the more lucrative are the benefits available for Basic allowance for quarters and housing. It can be called Basic allowance for Quarters, or Basic allowance for housing, but whether it is BAQ or BAH, it is the allowance benefits provided for housing. Many people do not realize that there is a pretty good deal for Servicemembers in housing. Serving in the United States military is lucrative for a number of reasons, you can get valuable job experience, you can travel to new places, and the pay and allowances are fairly good, but so is the benefit available for housing.

Get The Most Of Your Military Housing Allowances!

The type and size of the housing benefit varies and depends on several conditions. One of the first conditions is if there is military housing available. Military housing is housing that is on base, or on the military facility where you are stationed. As you rise in rank, the amount of housing benefits you are eligible for increases. This is both because of seniority and because often the longer you are in the military the larger family you will have. Any person serving on Active duty in the Armed Forces has BAQ, basic allowance for Quarters, or BAH, which is basic allowance for housing. .

The military often has PX or base exchanges available on base, and living on base keeps a Servicemember close to available stores and Base Exchange locations. Sometimes this can be within walking distance. The number of dependants you have is another issue that figures into determining the housing benefits you qualify for. If you have a larger family then you are eligible for an adjustment to help with housing costs. The Military has some very good reasons for having military housing on their bases. It is beneficial to the military for several reasons to do so. For another reason, it aids the military to keep its Servicemembers content and with high morale..

Having the ability to live with your family, even on base housing helps boost morale, and keep the overall mission readiness and preparedness high. Much of the housing for Servicemembers, both officers and enlisted is now modern, often new construction, and is very suitable for the needs of most Servicemembers and their dependants..

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There are other advantages to living on base. Other amenities such as entertainment, even bowling can sometimes be found on base.

Keep in mind that there may be quite a difference in officer housing vs enlisted. There are many opportunities for you to get your military college degree today. Don’t miss out!




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