School Renovations Continue In Iraq

Coalition And Iraqi Government Unite In Fixing Schools There are a number of different schools that are the beneficiaries of assistance from the coalition, and from the Iraqi Security Services. More than 500 students are now able to attend school because of the assistance from the coalition and joint forces. As short as three months ago there were a number of schools that were in disrepair, and failing badly. With the help of the coalition, there are a number of construction projects that have been successful, many of them being done in the last 90 days. Construction workers worked throughout the summer, and completed nearly $200,000 dollars worth of projects in the last several months. These projects were aimed at getting schools operational, and to a place where they could maintain and conduct school in time for the fall school year. Workers literally swarmed several area Iraqi schools, making necessary repairs and helping to make sure that the schools were able to start on time. New electrical systems, new sewers and toilets, bathroom repairs, and many new lighting projects were completed on time and on budget. Find the Military Career right for YOU ! Click here for more Information. The Iraqi Government has worked hard to cooperate with the coalition, and the overall educational efforts are now able to be successful. Everyone from the leaders in the coalition to the different members of the Iraqi Government have all worked together for the kids, and now students are in school and learning, in areas where there was no school previously.




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