Air Force Guaranteed Jobs

When you join the United States Air Force, there are conditions that you must meet to reserve or guarantee a specific job for your military career. There are actually two programs that serve this, one is called the Guaranteed Aptitude Area, and the other is called Guaranteed Jobs.  The jobs in the Air Force are called Specialty Codes.  The Guaranteed Job part is where a person joining the Air Force can receive a specific Air Force Specialty Code or job.  The Guaranteed Aptitude part is the process that a recruit is promised and guaranteed that they will receive a job or specialty code that matches up to on of their aptitude areas.  All Air Force specialty codes are divided up into one of four different aptitude areas:  Administrative, Electronic, Mechanical, and General.

Some jobs are not released to be given out under the guaranteed jobs program.

This is because about sixty percent of the jobs are reserved to be distributed under the guaranteed aptitude program. These available jobs are then given to recruits in basic training who joined under the Guaranteed Aptitude program.

When a recruit participates in the Guaranteed Aptitude process, during the second week of basic training a job counselor will give the recruit a list of available specialty codes or jobs that they are qualified for.  The qualifications are based on ASVAB scores, medical history, and moral history among other things.  It will only contain jobs that have open billets at Air Force Schools at that particular time.  Everyone that joined at the same time and is in the same week of training, and who participates in the Guaranteed Aptitude program receives that same list.

Air Force Job counselors meet with recruits, and give them the list that is open to them and that they qualify for, and recruits then have to select the top eight choices off that list.  The counselors then will be giving each recruit a rating which is taken from the qualifying factors we just mentioned.  The top rated recruits are filled into the jobs, as they are available.  If a job has eight slots, and nine different recruits want it, the top eight rated recruits will be chosen to fill those eight jobs.

It is possible to get a guaranteed job in the Air Force, but not very likely. This is because the Air Force has more applicants for enlistment spots than open spots.  Recruits who are participating in either the Guaranteed Jobs or Guaranteed Aptitude programs normally find out along with everyone else around the fifth week of training, after they come back from Warrior Week.”




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military dot image Jasmin Moya    Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

I am interested in joining the airforce but first i would like to know what are some jobs they have in the airforce.

military dot image Timothy Ackerman JR    Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

Just about every job you see in the civilian world they have in the airforce

military dot image Tyler Rule    Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

They have every job imaginable, whats great is after a certain amount of time, think its 4 years for the first time u sign up, if you dont like your job you can switch to one you think you’d like better…if its available. I used to be a pharmacy technician and im looking into possibly going explosive ordinance disposal.

military dot image Frankie    Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

Im in pararescue. XD

military dot image Mark W    Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

Want a guaranteed job? Go Navy and get it. No aptitude area or job shenanigans.

If you qualify, and it is there, you can get it at MEPS.

It is in your contract that day. Done.

military dot image karabo    Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

I would like to join you

military dot image S Hill    Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

What if I was promised and electrical position, but they reserved me for mechanical. I scored highest on my electrical score and have an Associates in electrical systems. I will be entering as an E#. What are my options? I am currently in the DEP program.

military dot image P Rio    Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

If you go see a recruiter and think he or she is on your side you are kidding yourself. They work and get paid by the branch they are in and they have orders to fill the slots they need filled. So if they need a boiler tech (job nobody wants in the Navy) and you join open general guess who is gonna be a boiler tech? Regardless of your ASVAB score, they will put you where they need you, the service needs are more important to them than your needs. I have seen them do this twice to young unsuspecting teens right out of HS. Please bring someone that has been through it so you do not get screwed out of four to six years of your life.

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