Joint Effort Works For Success In Iraq

Soldiers From Camp Echo Cooperate For Mission Strength The soldiers that are stationed in Diwaniya have come together, and joined forces across cultural and ethnic lines, toward one unified goal: To keep the region safe and assist the government of Iraq in the region to achieve self independence, and to be able to be self sustaining. This means that the coalition soldiers that have been serving at the JSS in Diwaniyah have slowly migrated from being in the lead to the support role. The ISF forces have worked hard, trained at various academies learning how to deal with crowd control, terrorist threats, and tactical and military methods. Their education and training has given the Iraqi Soldiers the confidence and ability to move into the lead. No longer are they the followers, but they now are the leaders, they plan the different missions, and decide on the correct response level when incidents threaten the local security. Are you interested in an exciting career in the Military? See if you qualify. Click Here Now! The coalition leaders and soldiers are thrilled, as this means that the ISF forces are starting to achieve independence and the ability to function without the Coalition. In the end, that is the ultimate goal, for the coalition to be able to leave Iraq confidently knowing that it can take care of its own security successfully, diplomatically, and democratically showing respect for its citizens and accountability for its law breakers.




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