Medical Event Works Well In Ghazaliyah

Iraqi Army Shows Leadership In Recent Citizen Medical Event In another example of the overall success of the cooperation and hard work by both the Coalition and the ISF forces, there was a recent medical event that was hosted in Ghazaliyah. The medical clinic was held in the northern Baghdad neighborhood on October 13th, and it provided a health screening and free health care for citizens who attended the event. More than 700 local residents heard about the event and responded. This was a very successful event since the only advertising was word of mouth on the day of the event. The doctors and medics from both coalition military units as well as a number of Iraqi medical personnel were featured at the medical clinic, which was held at a local grammar school that was closed for the day to feature the event. The Iraqi Army planned and implemented the medical clinic event, and it was the 7th clinic in the last six months that have been successful and has been implemented by the Iraqi forces. The coalition, the Iraqi Army and Iraqi National police, as well as local Iraqi doctors have worked together to corporately sponsor and support these events. Each has featured health care for several hundred Iraqi Citizens that otherwise likely would not have any available healthcare. Get your Free career assessment here Nearly 150 boxes of supplies, towels, cooking supplies, food, fresh water and vegetables were also distributed on a first come first serve basis. The response for the event was overwhelming, and more events are planned for the near future.




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