Joint Forces Foil Suicide Car Bomb Attack

ISF Force Prevent Attempt At Suicide Car Bombing The Iraqi Security Forces recently prevented a suicide bombing using a car at the coalition forces combat center in the Diyala province. The prevention was due to a timely tip from a member of the local community. A citizen discovered a plan to drive a vehicle to the site and explode a bomb, and they reported the planned attack to an Iraqi Soldier, who reported it to joint coalition and ISF headquarters. The vehicle was stopped before it reached the checkpoint, and the bomb was detonated, but only two coalition soldiers received minor injuries. No other individuals were hurt, and the two individuals driving the vehicle were killed in the blast. What was very fantastic was that the tip was received from a local Sunnis man, to Iraqi soldiers who are mostly Shia, but despite the social and cultural differences, they cooperated to protect their newly emerging nation. The people of Iraq simply refuse to allow insurgents and terrorists to destroy or injure their nation. It has led to levels of cooperation that have not been possible in times past, but with the symbolic cooperation between the coalition and the ISF forces it has provided the example that has led to successful actions such as this. Are you interested in an exciting career in the Military? See if you qualify. Click Here Now! Tips from Iraqi citizens have allows nearly 12 different recent attacks to be foiled, and this cooperation shows no sign of expiring.




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