Active And Reserve AAFES Special Benefits

The military maintains its own retail benefits, using their PX and Military exchange program. The AAFES service is similar to regular military exchange service in that it generates profits that are directly channeled into Morale, Recreation and benefit programs. It is a military sponsored retail department store card, and it is available as a bank debit card option, or as a full credit card. The only down side to the AAFES retail card is it can only be used at AAFES exchanges, or using AAFES exchange on the Internet. Still, it is a card that you may be qualified for and allows you credit up to $7,000 (if you qualify) or lesser amounts depending on your credit. The Army and Air Force exchange service is open to all members of the Active duty military and Reserve military that are serving on active duty service. Serving in the military brings a lot of different benefits to enlisted Servicemembers and their families, and one of the benefits is AAFES membership. This is the same as regular, civilian linked bank debit cards that are associated with bank accounts. The credit card option is also attractive for military Servicemembers with less than excellent credit, because it is a military only card you can sometimes qualify even if you don’t have excellent credit. The debit card option is similar to bank programs, except it is easier to obtain if you have poor credit. In this option you can only access or “charge” items if you have money in the bank in the account. AAFES Retail Card- This is a card that is reserved strictly for military Servicemembers. It is available to those Servicemembers that apply, and it has attractive interest rates. There are a couple of different programs that can benefit military Servicemembers no matter where they serve. AAFES Online- this is a site reserved for military only shoppers, you and your family can purchase items from the online AAFES site at considerable savings. Find the Military Career right for YOU ! Click here for more Information. As with many military exchanges, the items that are featured on the AAFES web Internet site are at cost plus a small amount. It has been around for over 100 years providing retail and wholesale priced services to military Servicemembers and their families.




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