Armed Services Enlistment Type Bonuses

When you join the service, you join and often can receive a cash bonus. If you have a special skill, or you qualify for a particular job you will qualify for a bonus. Every year members of the military re enlist without checking to see if they qualify for a bonus. It is worth your time to make sure and check when it comes time to re enlist and see if you are eligible. There are at least two types of basic enlistment bonuses: the enlistment bonus, and the reenlistment bonus. Currently you can qualify for up to $40,000 dollars in special enlistment bonuses depending on what service you join and the situation. Another type of bonus that is available after you have served your first term of enlistment is the Re Enlistment bonus. This is a specific bonus that is designed to try and keep people from leaving the service, and is especially acute in jobs that have had a lot of training. There are some different types of bonuses that you can qualify for when you join the military service or Armed Forces. This is specifically for voluntary re enlistment in jobs that are designated critical by the Secretary of Defense (or in the case of the Coast Guard, Secretary of Homeland Security). You receive compensation in the form of pay and benefits when you join the military but there are some situations where you can qualify for an additional bonus when you join the service. If you don’t currently receive nuclear training special pay, and you have completed at least 17 months but not more than 14 years of active duty, you may be eligible for a re enlistment bonus. This can be lucrative, and there is a current limit of $40,000 dollars that a Servicemember joining or enlisting the service can receive. If you enlist and you join a particular service or sign up for a job that is under staffed, the military will often offer a cash bonus to increase the amount of people who will sign up and staff that job. Do You Have Prior Service? Get Cash Bonuses For Your Past Military Service. Click here for more information.




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