Enlisted US Air Force Weather Specialist

The US Air Force has its own specialists that work to render trained scientific information on a variety of issues. One of these areas is the forecast and reporting of weather conditions worldwide, and the Air Force enlisted weather specialist is the person responsible for providing both real time and forecasted weather information in support of the Air force Mission. Being able to share and report information readily is a good job skill to have and is one that if you are selected to serve as an Army Weather Apprentice then you will have to be very much a good communicator, and relate what your unit is in store for weather wise. Weather is an issue that affects everyone’s lives from civilians to active duty military personnel, from the food that is brought to market in our local supermarket to the missions and flight schedules of military active duty units. Knowing what the weather will be seems like a relatively simple job specialty but it is actually both a science and an art. The Air Force Weather Apprentices uses a system of training that allows him to utilize equipment, observations and training to try and predict what the weather will be. The Job of Air Force Weather Forecaster and Weather Apprentice is a challenging job choice, but one that has a lot of satisfaction as you begin to learn how to make mother nature work for you. You will learn how to analyze and forecast different weather elements such as atmospheric wind, pressure, visibility, clouds, Doppler radar images, satellite images, and precipitation measurement amounts. You will have instruction and training on how to read and interpret various different digital and computerized systems that aid you in forecasting the Weather. Weather Apprentices that are serving in the Air Force work to analyze incoming weather information and data, provide accurate up to date weather information, and to provide forecasts to military and civilian service personnel. One of the skills that you will gain will be to learn how to operate and use a radar weather console and how to properly use a Pilot to Metro high frequency type radio. After training as an Air Force Weather Apprentice you are typically assigned to one of eight different worldwide Air force Weather squadrons. You have a number of different possible jobs as an Air Force Weather Technician. You could be responsible to collect weather data while attached to a combat weather unit, or you could be assigned to an Army Aviation wing, or Army Ground Combat Weather Station. Are you interested in an exciting career in the Military? See if you qualify. Click Here Now! Working in the position of Air Force Weather Apprentice you will have advanced college level training and instruction on a wide variety of different related and weather influenced subjects.




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hii, my son is enlisting in air force and wants to pursue a carreer as a weather specialist. what are the 8 bases that have the weather squadrons? thank you for your time and thank you for all the military does for us every day!!!

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