Army Enlistment Bonuses Offers Huge Incentive To Join

There are other types of bonuses, such as civilian skills bonuses, or bonuses for foreign language and other things. The Congress worked to help provide incentives for the military over the last several years, and in 2006 they increased the amount that a person can receive as an Army enlistment bonus. Most of the enlistment bonuses require at least three year periods of enlistment, some of the bonuses require longer periods up to six years of enlistment. Applicants join the active duty military and then often join the Army Reserve, or they can choose to stay on Active duty. The amount that a single individual can get is now raised to $40 thousand dollars. The U.S. Army is the only service that is offering the full amount on a regular basis. The bonuses vary depending on the job, and the full 40 thousand dollar amount is with a combination of enlisting for a critical job and other different cash bonuses. If you are a high School senior and you agree to attend recruit training by September of the year you graduate you can at times qualify for enlistment bonuses. For example if you join and enlist in a job that is critical, such as Airborne or Aviation types of training, and you agree to ship out in 30 days or less, you may receive a couple of different types of bonuses. If you combine bonuses then you are able to qualify for the most amount of funds available. To find out what bonuses you are available for you should consult with your recruiter. It currently is not possible to collect the full 40 thousand without combining several different types of bonuses. High demand jobs, and enlisted recruits who are eligible for other specific bonuses can qualify for up to 15 thousand dollars for jobs such as Quartermaster, Special Forces, Field Artillery Data Coordinator, Infantryman, Fire Support as well as different other jobs. Are you interested in an exciting career in the Military? See if you qualify. Click Here Now! If a person has higher education, then they can receive a bonus for higher education. Three thousand dollars for between 30 and 39 semester hours, up to eight thousand dollars for a four-year degree. Critical jobs shipping out without thirty days, bonuses for higher education, bonuses for airborne training, and other types of job related bonuses are among those that offer bonuses for enlistment.




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