US Navy Surface Warfare Careers

The ships and crew of the Navy surface fleet are commanded by men who have come up through the ranks, the Navy Surface Warfare Officers. A Navy tour of duty may call for you as a Surface Warfare Officer to be assigned to any number of different shipboard operations and activities. You can literally travel the world on board ship, and see and learn about people in different lands, as well as many Ports of Call in the United States. The frigates, destroyers, cruisers, missile defensive ships, as well as the larger vessels such as the Aircraft Carriers. You will have responsibilities for equipment and weapons systems for operation in both battle conditions and in routine peacetime pursuits. You will be responsible for a variety of tasks in support of the particular shipboard mission that your vessel undertakes. These missions can change over time, and will vary during your time on board. The surface vessels are the main thrust of the Navy; its surface fleet is where most of the activity and action of the fleet takes place. The Surface Warfare officer is responsible for men and machines; you will have a squadron or unit under your command, as well as being responsible for a unit or division on board ship. You can be assigned to Mine warfare, Amphibious troop and cargo activities, air defense against conventional and nuclear type attacks, or combat logistics, involved in supplying and re supplying the fleet with weapons, fuel, ammunition and even food supplies. As a Naval Surface Warfare officer you will be involved in all different kinds of Navy Operations, from shipboard defense, to Aviation support, anti submarine warfare, air to air and air to surface warfare, as well as other issues. There are several routes that you can take to enter into becoming a Surface Warfare Officer. You can be a ROTC candidate, and after you graduate you can earn a commission, or you can go to OCS school and earn a commission that way. Or, you can attend the US Naval Academy and receive a commission after four years there. This is a job for those who can handle stress well, and for personnel that are up for a constant and ever changing challenge. Do You Have Prior Service? Get Cash Bonuses For Your Past Military Service. Click here for more information. The Navy has many different career paths, and one of the most exciting is the Navy Surface Warfare Officer. As an officer on a surface ship you will have many different responsibilities, and you will receive training in a large amount of equipment.




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