Armed Services Vocational Testing Tips

One of the requirements to join the US Military it to take the ASVAB test. It is a standardized test that is made up of several small tests The ASVAB is not a single test, but it is several tests, which make up the testing battery. It is a total of 200 questions made up of ten short tests. A participant taking the test will have three hours in which to take the test, and each test has a short time limit, which added all together all elements total three hours of time. It is great idea to sit down with a counselor before you take the ASVAB, and identify what types of jobs may interest you in the military. Visiting with different recruiters is a another excellent idea, both to identify what is available and also to find out what types of jobs are open and that you may have an interest in. Taking the test, which is called the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery, is required for any person who wishes to enlist or join the military service in the United States. The entrance into the Armed Forces was standardized a number of years ago, including making a test which is standard for admission to all five branches of the United States Military. To join the Army for example you have to have a score of 31 on one part of the test. Scores are given to the student on a report entitled the Student ASVAB results sheet. On the results sheet there is additional information that helps the individual student understand the test, and how they did and what the scores mean. The areas of the ASVAB that a person will take include General Science, Paragraph communication, Numerical Operations, Word Knowledge, Arithmetic Reasoning, Coding Speed, Mathematics Knowledge, Auto and Shop Information, Electronics Information, and Mechanical Comprehension. There are a number of tips and techniques to use in taking the ASVAB; it is a good idea to prepare on the areas that you are the weakest in. The ASVAB test is valid for up to 24 months, you can retake the ASVAB as soon as 30 days after the first time that you take it. After taking the test a second time you have to wait for at least six months before you are allowed to retake the test. Find the Military Career right for YOU ! Click here for more Information. Each of the individual tests has its own time limit, and the entire ASVAB test is made up of eight individual tests that make up each of the eight categories mentioned above. There is not a pass or fail grade on the ASVAB, but there are minimum scores required on different elements for different military jobs, and for entrance to each of the military services.




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