Ameriyah More Secure With Joint Efforts

Coalition And Iraqi Efforts Make Ameriyah And Region Safe The extremists that have previously been in residence in Ameriyah have been routed, and they no longer are able to take safe haven in the region. This is for several different reasons, one of the biggest is that the members of the community have become vested in the efforts to stand against terrorists and insurgents. A number of operations have been mounted in the last six weeks by members of the Iraqi Army, as well as the Iraqi National police against Al Qaeda, and the missions are now being planned and mounted by the Iraqi Security forces, with the Coalition still being supportive, but in a observation role. Local residents came forward this last week and gave specific intelligence about a number of different car bomb attempts that had been planned, and because of this citizen involvement, there were four separate car bombs that were intercepted. This resulted in a prevention of any loss of life, and it is hugely successful. The back of the insurgent movement across Iraq has been largely affected, and the terror suspects have left the region and fled to other areas, to Syria or Iran, as well as not being able to function or operate. Are you interested in an exciting career in the Military? See if you qualify. Click Here Now! This has led to an huge increase in confidence on the part of the Iraqi Security Forces.




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