Iraqi Police Presence Supports Community

Example By Coalition Helps Iraqi Police Unite With Citizens In a number of different ceremonies across Iraq this last week, the Iraqi Police have been recognized by the different communities that they serve in for their professionalism and their recent set of successes. There are 12 different provinces, out of 18 Iraqi Provinces, that are now under direct Iraqi control, and the success of the effort is directly a response to the quality of the training that the Iraqi police have received. They have studied hard, and learned from the hands of the Coalition, and they then are able to take the lessons and put them into use immediately in the community. Terrorists know that they are not able to rest because the Iraqi police have become more and more accomplished at rooting out the insurgency, and the community is no longer a safe haven. Previously, the members of the Iraqi Community did not object, and in some cases aided the members of Al Qaeda and terrorists, often out of fear or threats. Do You Have Prior Service? Get Cash Bonuses For Your Past Military Service. Click here for more information. Now, the Iraqi police have grown stronger and are able to provide assurances of safety, and the community has responded, they are now proud to be part of the solution, giving aid and tips to the members of the Joint Coalition and Iraqi Forces. The local communities have reached out also to the police, in different ways.




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