New School Celebrated In Cortoba

Coalition Assists In Opening Brand New Education Facility Coalition forces joined in the celebration with students and teachers of Muhallah 603, who are celebrating the reopening of the Cortoba school. It is located in the Mansour District of Baghdad, and it reopened for school on October 21st, 2008. Some of the different improvements that have been done at the school include a new bathroom for both boys and girls, new electrical appliances, fresh paint, and repaired and replaced lighting. The building and entire facility also received a fresh coat of paint, a bright blue paint. The school will be visited by patrols from both Coalition and Iraqi Forces, to make sure that the school is supported and that insurgents do not get a toehold in the facility. Over the last several years the previous school building had been largely destroyed because of the fact that terrorists and insurgents took up residence in the school. They largely trashed and nearly destroyed the facility, before making a hasty retreat in late 2007. Since that time the school has been on the list for renovation, with the efforts being completed last week in time for the bulk of the school year to be used at the school. Find the Military Career right for YOU ! Click here for more Information. Members of the 432nd Civil Affairs Battalion Marines worked diligently, enlisting the aid and support of both other coalition units as well as Iraqi contractors, members of the Iraqi Community, as well as teachers, students and staff. Everyone pitched in to finish the school in time for this school year.




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