Military Spouse Job Search Tips

Many Military Spouses look for work on base or near their Service Members Duty Station.  As they search for employment, there are a number of issues that are productive for a spouse to know and be aware of.  Knowing your abilities, knowledge and your skills is important as you progress in a job search, and also in garnering and holding onto the job you desire.  Also the sense of renewed confidence and empowerment you gain from this self knowledge can help give you a boost as you try to relate specifically what areas would benefit employers and others that you interview with. Most of all, the skills that the average military spouse possesses are not always easily defined in snappy little spaces.  Positions vary from employer to employer, and the skills and ability picked up from being a supportive and active spouse can often benefit the employer in hidden but mighty ways.  Being mobile and moving as duty stations change also gives spouses a unique ability to function on the fly, and can be a true asset to employers. Accentuate Your Positives Some of the way that you can accentuate your abilities and skills are: -If others were to speak of your best trait or skill, what would they say? -Think of creative and artistic endeavors you have been involved in.  Brainstorm and recall areas that have given you satisfaction, something you have produced, performed, created or made.  Almost everyone has something that they have produced worthy of pride in their past… think of what yours is. -What are traits you admire in others?  Talk about how you share these qualities or that you wish to have the same type of traits, and why. -Think of a time when you volunteered on a task or project, and what you accomplished. Talk about what it was and what you gained from being involved, what you learned. -Write down a list of special projects, memberships or organizations in which you have participated or are a member. Compile A Portfolio Sometimes it is hard to put together a folder of things we have done.  Many people feel it is self-promotion, others just are uncomfortable.  But it can be a huge help in focusing on the job you want.  Here are some ideas. -Think about specific things you have accomplished, and how you did them. -Write each thing you list on paper in form of: A problem or Challenge, What your response or Action was, And The Outcome. -List the actions behind any of your awards, recognition or accomplishments.




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