Operations Taken By Iraqi Forces

Coalition Aids Iraqi Security Effort The coalition has slowly withdrawn from a number of different regions and areas, giving them to the Iraqi government and by extension the ISF security forces. The Iraqi Soldiers and security force has grown more and more proficient in giving their citizens security and a proper safe passage in the entire region. The District of Adhamiyah is one area that is a good example, it is one of the areas that has slowly been passing into Iraqi Control. Iraqi Soldiers at the Sulikh Joint Security Station have assumed control, planning the different patrols, and overall taking the lead in the different security efforts. The coalition is still available if needed, and they participate as directed by the ISF forces, but much of their role has transitioned to observer, and at times they respond with constructive feedback as requested. Many different operations have now been led and planned successfully by the members of the Iraqi Security Forces. As they are successful and able to take control, the coalition are more and more able to step to the rear, and allow the ISF forces to assume the lead. Are you interested in an exciting career in the Military? See if you qualify. Click Here Now! This has a number of different benefits, as well as portending the end of the American and Coalition effort in Iraq. Eventually all members of the coalition will leave Iraq, and it appears that when this time comes that Iraq as a nation will be ready.




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