Shipping Cargo US Army Specialists

Working in the Shipping area for the US Army is a very interesting job specialty. You will be trained using a number of different tasks and Army specific tasks, as well as training duties. There are various different job apprenticeship programs offering civilian job credit and other areas of job certification. The United States Army are the unconditioned experts of personnel and cargo transfer, and the Army Cargo Specialty is one of the different people that are trained to insure the proper delivery and routing of Army related cargo. You will perform procedures and cargo shipping methods. As you increase in rank you will be responsible for junior enlisted personnel. If you are good with equipment and work well with your hands, then this may be a job area for you. The Army needs mail, supplies, weapons, equipment and personnel. This cargo is shipped and delivered every single day, at sites located all over the world. It is cargo that is shipped over land, sea and air, and it has to be dealt with carefully, shipped and handled with care. After 9 weeks of Army Cargo Specialist will work to advanced individual training to learn and train. You will spend time learning hands on to perform job training using cranes, power winches, forklifts, and other devices. Working as an Army Cargo Specialist will involve dealing with cargo from all over the world, and you will be able to travel as a part of your job. The Army Cargo specialist deals with both routine and specialty shipping, and will deal with materials at times that require specialized handling. Materials that are hazardous require a lot of different paperwork, as well as specialized training to deal with it properly. An Army cargo specialist will work to give proper materials handling provisions. As you rise in rank and training, you will progress to working with advanced methods of shipping and receiving. You will work with supervising junior enlisted personnel, and deal with forklifts and cranes. You will work with storing and loading various cargos and different hazardous cargo. Find the Military Career right for YOU ! Click here for more Information. You will load and unload supplies and different equipment from different types of aircraft and equipment, and using equipment like jeeps, weapons and trucks to load weapons aboard watercraft and dock cranes. Making sure that the cargo is shipped with safety and responsibility is the duty of the Army Cargo Specialist.




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