Educational Benefit US Army Programs

There are a number of programs that each of the Armed Forces military services offer to their enlisted members to support their efforts to gain an education. The Army has four programs that are mainstays of their educational efforts, these are the main programs offered to help out enlisted Servicemembers who wish to get ahead. These programs are all under the category of Voluntary Education, or VOL Ed Programs. The four main programs are Army Tuition Assistance, eArmy University, GoArmy Education, and Army Servicemember Opportunity Colleges, or SOCAD. Army Tuition Assistance is available for anyone that is in the Army active duty, or who serves in the Army Reserves, especially if they have been called up to active duty deployment such as service in Iraq or Afghanistan. The Army has began a new trial where their Tuition Assistance services can be signed up for entirely online on the Internet. This is a new wrinkle that promises to make things much easier for the student or enlisted Army person wanting to sign up for Army Tuition Assistance. The Army hopes to speed up the whole process this way, and cut down on waiting times. Tuition of up to 100 percent of tuition, books and fees can be awarded depending on the Army Servicemember’s situation and qualifying factors. The Army also has GOArmyEd, which is the Army’s active duty virtual gateway to obtain assistance with education costs and tuition. GoArmyEd is supposed to be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It is designed to be there for answers about classroom learning, distance Army education choices, and eArmyU online college courses. It has an automated response process and is a virtual resource for a lot of answers for college funding and coordination of Army college support. Are you interested in an exciting career in the Military? See if you qualify. Click Here Now! eArmyU is a college program that is new, and allows a Servicemember to access Army college programs online. It is a virtual program that is conducted entirely over the Internet, when you sign up for eArmyU you receive a printer, a laptop, an email account and an Internet access account. After you complete the first 12 hours of college credit then the laptop and printer become yours to keep. These are but a few of the different options that the military has to offer, and there are additional programs, both in the Army and in the other services. It is a good idea to visit your recruiter and ask specifically about college programs and educational funding options that are available.




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