Iraqi School Children Receive ISF Supplies

Joint Coalition And Iraqi Force Deliver School Supplies The Iraqi National police have been working hard to support the local Iraqi schools, including distributing humanitarian aid including school supplies and food. Recently the ISF forces distributed supplies to a pair of elementary schools in the Rashid district of Baghdad. The mission was on of the first that was led by the Iraqi National police. They have participated in different humanitarian missions but in the past they were led by the coalition. Now, the missions are led by the Iraqi Security Forces, and they are successful in spreading and distributing the school supplies and food to Iraqi school children. The schools at Arbid and Ibn Yakhdan both were able to receive both food and water, as well as a supply of school items. Members of the Coalition 1st Battalion, 18th infantry regiment are working with the Iraqi National Police to make the area safe for the local community and the children. The operations delivering the humanitarian aid have been a success and the ongoing effort will continue, in different schools across the region. The efforts in distribution of food and school supplies gives hope and support to the local school children, and their families. Are you interested in an exciting career in the Military? See if you qualify. Click Here Now! The Iraqi soldiers are working to make the overall humanitarian efforts part of a regularly scheduled food and supply distribution effort.




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