Army Enlisted Infantry Cavalry Scout

It is also a job requiring strength and stamina as living heavy objects and performing difficult physical tasks is part of the job. A person, who wishes to be an Army Cavalry Scout should be able to participate successfully as a team member, be in top mental and physical condition, and have a willingness and ability to face danger and accept challenges encountered. The United State Army Cavalry Scout is an active reconnaissance position that is vital in today’s modern Army. The training that a U.S. Army Cavalry Scout has to undergo starts with basic training for nine weeks. Then it’s on to Individual advanced training, including Station One Unit Training, for sixteen weeks. You will learn how to deal with weapons, explosives mines and other types of necessary military equipment. You will learn how to spot for directing fire, and how to use radio and communications equipment. Serving in the Army requires a decision to commit and be dedicated to the Army mission, and there is nothing in the Army, no job where commitment is as important as the Army Cavalry Scout. You will assume various duties as a US Cavalry Army Scout and these can include: to secure, load, clear and fire crew served and individual weapons, to serve as a listening or observation post member and to use and employ various principals of camouflage and concealment. The job of Cavalry scout requires a person to undergo repeated stress and difficult situations. Most of the advanced training will be out in the field, with a portion of the training in the classroom setting. Training never really stops for the Cavalry Scout, they are always working to maintain a very high level of mission readiness and battle preparedness. You will be able to prepare and secure ammunition on a variety of vehicles and to gather and collect data to classify bridges, tunnels and routes for your Commander or Unit Leader. It is the job of the Army Cavalry scout to follow, observe, track, and report the movement and activity of the enemy in the field, and their progress on the battlefield. Acting as an Army Cavalry Scout you will perform various navigational duties during combat and learn to report and gather information of enemy equipment, enemy disposition, weather, and terrain. As a trained Army Cavalry Scout you will have to receive in depth training that starts with enlisted basic combat school. Find the Military Career right for YOU ! Click here for more Information. As a Army Scout you will be the ears and eye for your commander or unit leader, providing information on the enemy, as well as relaying important information and observations about the operational theater.




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