Combat US Marine Correspondent Careers

The Combat Marine Correspondent works to gather news and feature materials for publication in newsletters, command newspapers, magazines and for radio and television release to both external, and internal Marine usage. Some of the different responsibilities that a Combat Staff Sergeant Correspondent can include: Working to direct and conduct Marine Corps on the Job training for Junior Marine Enlisted, serving as an advisor to the Public Affairs officers, working with external and internal informational and television programs. To be eligible for training as a Marine Corps Correspondent and Combat reporter you have to achieve a passing ASVAB score, and pass an interview and attain the Public Affairs Command officer approval. The Marine Corps Combat Correspondent is the person that works to respond to queries and inquires from civilian and military media sources. They deal with providing military operation and military exercise information, print materials and photos for publication, and they help with different community military liaison relations programs. After you graduate from the photojournalism course, you will be screened for possible attendance at Marine Corps Broadcasting school. This is a job that is deals with information for both internal and external military usage, and works to provide a platform and a showcase for the different policies, changes, regulations, exercises and operations involved in Marine Corps life. This information is distributed in print and broadcast form for civilian and military media outlets. The Marine Corps provide their own media and Combat Correspondents. They work to report and document Marine Corps operations, and to gather and prepare various military feature and news information. To qualify for the Combat Correspondent position in the Marine Corps you must first attend basic training for 9 weeks. After you attend basic Marine Corps combat training, you will complete the Marine Corps Journalism and photography training course. Are you interested in an exciting career in the Military? See if you qualify. Click Here Now! As a Combat Marine Corps correspondent advances in rank to Staff Sergeant, they can become a leader that is responsible for supervision of personnel junior to them. As a Combat Correspondent Staff Sergeant you can be assigned and tasked to be responsible for the performance, training, activities and operations of enlisted Marines that are billeted to the public affairs office.




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