SGLI Benefits For Active Duty US Military

Congress also acted to make certain benefits for Traumatic injury retroactive. For some Servicemembers that suffered a traumatic injury between 2001 and 2005, when the change was made, they were declared eligible for coverage despite the program not being in existence till 2005. Congress has adjusted the Active duty service life insurance level several times during the recent decade, and it now is one of the best life insurance deals you can find anywhere. The premium for coverage for the Servicemember works out to about 7 cents per thousand dollars of coverage, which is better than many commercial rates of life insurance. There is additionally insurance coverage that is available for dependents of active duty Servicemembers. Because most Servicemembers sign up for a level upon entering the service, they never notice the small premium because it occurs from the very first paycheck. One of the benefits for active duty Servicemembers is the ample Life Insurance coverage that is afforded to every enlisted Active Duty Servicemember. Servicemen’s group life insurance coverage was changed to the additional level of $400,000 a couple of years ago, in July of 2006. Premiums for whatever level that the Servicemember elects to have are automatically deducted from the paycheck, so it is something that is not even an issue for most Servicemembers. There is also a new Traumatic injury insurance protection that started in 2005, that is automatic for anyone that has SGLI. An additional $1 dollar per month premium cost covers the Servicemember for payment amounts that vary from $50,000 dollars to $100,000 dollars, depending on the injury. These costs are for the maximum $100,000 dollar coverage; lesser amounts of coverage are more inexpensive. Additionally each child of an active duty Servicemember is insured for free with the SGLI insurance group at the coverage level of $10,000 dollars per child. The cost ranges from about $6 dollars for a spouse that is under 32 years of age up to a high of around $55 dollars a month if the spouse is over age 60 years. Every Active Duty Servicemember is insured for up to $400,000 dollars under the Servicemembers Group Life Insurance program. There are lower amounts, but for the maximum coverage amount the cost to the Servicemember is only $28 dollars a month. Find the Military Career right for YOU ! Click here for more Information. There are coverage policies available for the spouse of a Servicemember in increments of $10,000 dollars up to $100,000 dollars, and the cost depends on the age of the spouse.




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