Enlisted Embassy US Marine Corps Duty

Special duty security and Embassy Assignments are made up of volunteer Marine Corps personnel that ask for the duty, and then they are assigned to the position on a volunteer basis. These are roles that are performed daily every day, and with pride. Where there is a United States State Department Official or Dignitary present, you can be sure that there is a Marine Corps Detachment present to provide protection and security. The Marine Corps personnel motto “Semper Fidelis,” which is latin. It means, literally, “Always Faithful.” To the Marine Corps it is more than a motto, it is a way of life, a mission. One of the codes that every single member of the Marine Corps keep dear is that every Marine is a Rifleman. This goes from the newest graduate of boot camp, to the Commandant of the Marine Corps. During World War II, in the Pacific Theater, there were examples of Marine Corps officers that when their aircraft were blown up, took command of base personnel such as cooks and maintenance persons and they worked to defend the facilities together. The United States Marine Corps perform Embassy Duty, from the routine and daily security operations to the ceremonial. This is the Embassy duty that is performed for United States Embassies around the world. Each type of the special duty that a Marine Corps detachment provide is considered an opportunity to show the discipline standard and honor that every single member of the Marine Corps hold close to their heart. The Marine Corps has a code of Honor that has thee major elements, or parts, and these are: Commitment- This is the dedication and determination that is central to the core of all Marine Corps individual. Honor- This is the requirement that the Marine Individual will choose to show and observe basic respect, respect for self, and respect for others, as well as a high standard of moral and ethical behavior. Courage- The strength to face fear any fears that you may have, and the skills and training to overcome those fears. The Marine Corps Code of Honor binds every Marine individual. The skills and military bearing that is taught for every Marine Corps member is central to their performance. Honesty and Character are the vital parts of honor and the realization that you are responsible to show honor. Are you interested in an exciting career in the Military? See if you qualify. Click Here Now! Embassy duty is considered a special duty assignment, and it is considered a plum assignment. It is a voluntary duty but one that is highly prized and sought after. If you have ever watched a state department or ceremonial event on television involving an embassy of the United States, you likely have seen the Marine Corps Guards that work performing Embassy Duty.




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what are the chances of an ROTC graduate getting embassy duty during thefirst four years?

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