US Air Force Enlisted Avionics Systems

The weapons and navigations systems that are found on various Air Force Aircraft provide attack capability and defense for the United States, as well as crew and pilot information regarding the location of aircraft, and the position of the enemy. These are special systems that work to give the pilot the ability to deliver weapons and reach the destination on time and to return home safely. The Air Force Avionics Systems Specialist is a high stress and fast paced job, and it is one that is very technologically advanced. You will work as part of a highly trained Air Crew serving overseas or in the United States. You will drill and become highly proficient in different tasks related to Air Force Aerial Systems. You will work as an Air Force Avionics Specialist and focus on different troubleshooting issues not seen at first glance. You will work as a systems expert on the specific Air Force aircraft that the Air Force chooses to train you on. You will work to be responsible for more and advanced tasks and duties the longer you serve as part of an Air Force support crew. You will work to troubleshooting when different equipment breaks down, and work to test, remove, inspect and install different types of equipment aboard aircraft after it has been fixed. You will then advance to training for your specialty at either Sheppard AFB in Texas or Kessler AFB in Mississippi. You will receive advanced training to learn how to perform necessary flight and maintenance tasks that are required for your Air Force Job. Part of your job will be to make sure that weapons are available to be delivers on task and on time, to meet the various mission parameters. You will work on different types of equipment including the U-2 reconnaissance aircraft, and F-15/A fighter aircraft. You will receive training on the job, and in the classroom to trouble shoot and evaluate different Aerial Air Force Reconnaissance systems. Following your training in technical school, you will be stationed at an Air Force facility as part of an aircrew. You will rise in rank and learn how to assist in training and support of other Air force Crewmembers. Are you interested in an exciting career in the Military? See if you qualify. Click Here Now! You will work in troubleshooting, diagnosis and how to use modern state of the Art testing equipment. Training will begin with basic training, where you will go for 9 weeks to serve in learning about Air Force operations.




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