Free Medical School Education in the Military?

Since its start the University of Medicine at Hebert University has been wildly successful.

It is considered such a center of excellence both in the public and military health professions. The programs of study that it offers is individualized and unique, and on the cutting edge in many areas of research and study. The United States Armed Forces has a program for people that want to become nurses and doctors. It is possible to get a medical education, all expenses paid in return for enlisting for a seven year commitment after you are done with medical school.

Free Medical School Educaion?

No previous military experience or prior service is required, no fees are paid and students do not pay tuition. They do receive a full salary while attending the university. Students who attend the Graduate program are a mixture of uniformed and civilian people. It is a program established by Congress in 1972, and it entered its first class in 1976. It is called the F. Edward Hebert University School of Medicine, and it is the place where the majority of doctors that serve in the United States Armed forces begin their training. Because there are not any costs associated with attending the university, other than the incurred service commitment after graduation, the students who attend USU can do so without the stress or worry of nagging debt. Medical students from the university are at the facility as commissioned officers from the U.S. Armed Forces. Nursing students at the University are all active duty nurses from the armed forces, or nurses in civilian federal public health service.

Nurses do not pay fees or tuition either at USU, and they also receive their full pay and benefits, being on salary while students at the university just as the doctor candidates do. Many advances in fighting tropical disease, advances in disaster medicine, and other public health and military discoveries have been made at the University. Both Masters and Doctorate degrees in public health, medicine, and biomedical sciences are offered at the University. There are also department and interdisciplinary graduate courses under development all the time. The school of Nursing at the University offers a Graduate degree in Nursing Studies also, and a Masters Degree in Family Nurse Practitioner, Pre operative Nursing, and Nursing Anesthesia are also offered.

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The first year that graduates were advanced was in the year 1980, and since then USU has taught and prepared many classes of health care and outstanding researchers and science personnel since that time.




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I am a college honor graduate. I have taken the MCAT and received high scores. I am interested in going to medical school.
Can you give me a contact phone number for the program?
How does one apply?

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Can I join the US military at 31? I have thought about joining the military for years and I feel that it is to this true?

military dot image ken jackson    Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

my daughter that is graduating from high school this year is considering a career in medicine and is very interested in a career in the military my question to you today is what happens to your students that do not pass some classes at the university and have to repeat classes if it takes longer to graduate the pay back for these students do they all give seven years after graduation and what about drop outs

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