American Soldier Awarded Silver Star

Major James Gant Is Issued Award For Bravery Many times it is not well published when a soldier is able to earn a silver star for bravery, but recently US Army Major Gant was given the award for bravery in action in the field. Major Gant is the Chief of the Quick Reaction Force Battalion team associated with the Iraqi National Police, Major Gant commands a force that makes repeated patrols in an area between Baghdad and Balad. They would have encounters with small cells of insurgents, and gradually the engagements became larger and larger. Over time, it was evident that the insurgents seemed to be aware that the military team of Major Gant was approaching the time when they were scheduled to return to the United States. Gradually the enemy became more and more brave. One day, the insurgents attacked Major Gants convoy with IED explosives, bombs and the vehicle with Major Gant was knocked over and over three times. Major Gant rushed out of his vehicle and utilized skills he gained as a former Special Forces member and gave emergency medical care to several Servicemembers that were injured in the fight. Are you interested in an exciting career in the Military? See if you qualify. Click Here Now! The fire fight intensified, and Major Gant and his men returned fire. They pushed the enemy back and the rescue chopper was able to land, but only briefly. Major Gant correctly predicted that they would be receiving incoming mortar fire, and he rushed the men to load onto the chopper and get out of danger.




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