Iraqi Child Treated By Coalition Soldiers

3 Year Old With Second Degree Burns Given Emergency Aid There are sometimes different injuries and health issues that members of the coalition run into as part of the ongoing joint coalition and ISF security patrols. Recently, members of the MNF Division Baghdad came across a family with a young 3 year old boy who had been recently burned. The young boy had received 2nd degree burns during an incident involving hot water. As members of the joint patrol, the US Servicemembers were approached by the mother of the child, who came and pleaded for assistance. The boy was immediately evaluated and transported by Coalition vehicles to the local military hospital, where he received additional treatment. The burns were serious enough that the boy was medivac flown to the An Numaniyah Military Training base for hospital treatment, both by coalition and Iraqi medical staff. Later the boy was flown to the Kadamiyah Hospital for continued recovery. The overall prognosis for the young boy was very good, and he is expected to eventually make a full recovery. Are you interested in an exciting career in the Military? See if you qualify. Click Here Now! The boy is another example of the kind of emergency care that is often given without any warning to different members of the community, as needed and when required. The ability of the coalition to provide this kind of medical care has won many hearts and minds among the community.




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