Iraqi Security Forces Trained By Dubik

Coalition Works With General Dubik In Advanced Training Issues One of the issues that the coalition has been working closely with the ISF forces to address is in the use of advanced training for Iraqi Soldiers. Using different types of advanced training for members of the Iraqi Security Forces is a new concept, but one that has been well received as the numbers of Iraqi Soldiers that have completed basic type of military and intelligence training continues to increase. The training of Iraqi forces to protect the Iraqi people is now one of the primary responsibilities that has been added to members of the Coalition by commanding General David Petraeus. He assigned Army Lieutenant General James M Dubik, who has been personally chosen by General Petraeus for the job. Lt. General Dubik has been commanding general of 1st Corps and Fort Lewis, Washington. He was trained and sent many thousands of soldiers for the fight that he now is engaged in himself. Both the 2nd Infantry Division and the 4th Brigade , 2nd Infantry that he trained while at Fort Lewis are now in the battle and currently stationed in Iraq. Are you interested in an exciting career in the Military? See if you qualify. Click Here Now! Dubik will take up the fight, and work hard to engage and train the members of the ISF forces in many of the same methods that he used to train soldiers back in the USA.




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