Off Duty US Military Leisure Benefits

If you have travel and time flexibility it is possible to travel to many destinations in the United States, as well as overseas and internationally to places that military United States Aircraft fly. As a member of the United States Military, you are able to participate in the program called Space Available transportation. The different services in the United States Military have each a number of individual programs that support and provide leisure opportunities for their personnel, and this has worked to help keep morale and overall military readiness at a high level. Travel Using Space Available- Emergency travel is always at the head of the list, as is travel for medical reasons. But after that, there is an established list of priorities for Space Available travel. It is simple; openings on military aircraft that are available after the needs of the mission are fulfilled. It is open to Veterans, Active Duty, Selected Reserve, or Military Retired personnel. The military provides a privilege for members serving in the US Military. It is called Space Available Travel, and it is a program available for military use only, it is not open to the general public. These openings or flight space are made available, like the names says, on a “Space available basis,” and there are a list of priorities depending on the classification of the personnel seeking travel, and the need for travel. There is no cost for Space Available travel, and it can be a true adventure. If you have flexibility and time, then you can be well served at times utilizing this type of travel benefit. For many decades some of these different benefits have not been well known, and they can be sizeable if a person is aware of them. There are a number of different types of benefits for Leisure type activity that are available to members of the Armed Forces that enlist in the military. These are rights for both the individual Servicemember and for the group type military activity. Find the Military Career right for YOU ! Click here for more Information. Base Recreation – There are a lot more programs that are open, tours to regional and local sites of interest, trips to professional sports games, visits to museums and other cultural centers can all be part of the picture. This may not sound like anything that you would be interested in, but it can radically expand the different things open to you to participate in after you are enlisted. Some people think that the recreation opportunities on base are simply limited to jogging, basketball and an occasional yoga class. Joining the military is a big step. And knowing where to find quality off duty recreation pursuits.




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