Air Force Apprentice Aircrew Egress Jobs

As an Air Force Egress Aircrew Apprentice you will be responsible for making sure that the different systems that are present in each aircraft work every time. Training for the Air Force Aircrew Egress specialty begins with Air Force Basic Training. Following boot camp, you will travel to Sheppard AFB and attend several weeks of both classroom and on the job training. In the Air Force there is a special job that maintains and makes sure that the emergency escape devices are in good running order. One of your responsibilities will be with dealing with specific Aircraft requires instruction in the operation and maintenance procedures for each type of escape system. You will be trained on how to diagnose and repair the different various items used on survival and escape systems. Devices such as emergency oxygen systems, warning lights, lap belts, canopies, and shoulder harnesses. These devices provide an escape in an emergency, and it is the job of the Air Force Aircrew Egress Apprentice to keep these devices in good operating order. One of the main escape systems is the military Jet Fighter ejection seat. It is designed to rescue the pilot and navigator or other aircrew in an emergency situation. It has a rocket motor attached to it that is triggered when an ejection handle or lever is pulled. The rocket motor propels the aircrew member up and out of the aircraft. Once the ejection seat is out of the aircraft a parachute automatically deploys, and the aircrew member is able to return to earth safely. This type of ejection system has been developed over a long period of time and work reliably to ensure Air Crew safety. Part of your training will be in training to learn how to use and operate different types of explosive devices that power and allow the escape devices to function. Do You Have Prior Service? Get Cash Bonuses For Your Past Military Service. Click here for more information. Before you are assigned to an egress maintenance group, you will be taught the basics of each type of emergency escape systems used on the aircraft found in today’s Air Force. The training will teach you how to fix and locate problems, and troubleshoot issues in escape capsules, escape hatches, ejection seats, as well as other types of escape systems.




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