Firefighter US Navy Emergency Careers

The Navy trains Emergency First Responders and they are taught a wide variety of skills. Everyone in the Navy learns how to fight fire, in basic training and in many technical schools. The Navy trains medical specialties, fire prevention, and other first responders. These Servicemembers performing in these careers are used to assist prior military people back into the service, because they are a known quantity. This specialty is one that trains a person to pay special care to safety, and to receive training on vital rescue and fire suppression skills. This is a fast paced job specialty, and they work to support and maintain the situational and operational Navy readiness, by supporting and providing emergency services. As a Navy firefighter or emergency specialist you may be tasked to maintain damage control and shipboard emergency response, or you could be called into action providing rescue support. The United States Navy has some of the most skilled firemen and emergency personnel in the world. A number of emergency and firefighting careers are available in the Navy. You may have to fight fire on board ship or shore side, or provide a needed rescue operation. Skills in this job type are many, and the training to learn them can be intense. They train their specialists in Emergency services to deal with biological, chemical and even nuclear emergencies, as well as the more traditional fire and emergency situations. But the skills that a Navy first responder are taught goes beyond basic firefighting. Navy Emergency First responders learn a variety of skills, and are the masters of a lot of different tasks. The Navy has some of the most in depth emergency requirements in the world, the training that they provide their Servicemembers is second to none. They often receive advanced training in safety inspection, repair and maintenance of emergency and rescue equipment, firefighting, and various state of the art health care technologies as they are improved. Find the Military Career right for YOU ! Click here for more Information. In the Navy, if the ship you are stationed on catches fire, either you combat the fire and put it out immediately or you potentially could sink. Literally. So they focus a great deal of attention in making sure all personnel knows how to fight fire. This job can often take you anyplace the Navy is present, around the world, overseas or stateside.




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When it says, “you could be called into action providing rescue support”, what are examples of situations you could be called into?

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