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The US Marine Corps utilize a program called the Deployed US Marine Educational Program. The instruction for the coursework is provided with Qualified Marine Instructors, at the unit level. The two institutions of higher learning that support the program at the present time are Central Texas College and Park University. Marines study independently, and they attend classes based on their deployment schedule. The individual Marine Commanders attempt to accommodate time periods into the deployment schedule for instruction, and depending on the mission Marines involved in the program attend classes as deployment allows. Marine individuals who wish to take part in this program have to apply and be approved in the regular manner for TA Marine Corps funds. Coursework that is completed while afloat or while on deployment counts 100 percent toward coursework for a degree. The frequency and length of classes is dependant entirely on the mission parameters and operational tempo currently in force for the Marine Unit. During times of low mission activity, it is possible to accelerate the course schedule and hold several classes, as allowed, in a shortened period of time, to help compensate for any delays that the Military operations and mission call for. Marines in the program pay tuition and fees the same as if they attended courses at the host universities themselves, and in all other issues are accountable to the same policies and procedures as normal university students. Marine TA tuition assistance can be utilized to pay for tuition in these programs up to the yearly $4,500 dollar limit. The two schools identify and employ Marine Corps individuals they deem to be qualified instructors, and these Marines then teach and provide instruction for other Marine Corps Individuals. This is a flexible but helpful program that allows Marine Corps individual students to attend and progress in college coursework while on Active Duty. Course materials are available through mail order, from each of the individual host universities, or through the Camp Pendleton Marine Corps Educational office. The schedule of classes is flexible according to the individual Marine Unit deployment operational tempo, and the Universities are flexible if the class has to be delayed or held over because of mission priorities. This program is one that fully supports Military Academic Skills Program coursework, and is available under the educational services agreement with each school. Get your Free career assessment here It is an educational program to help with undergraduate programs and coursework to support Marine Corps Active Duty personnel overseas, afloat, or stationed anywhere around the world. It is a program developed with certain academic institutions to help Marines gain college level educational coursework.




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